Henry Royce Institute at the University of Oxford

The Henry Royce Institute is a partnership of nine leading institutions, including founding partner the University of Oxford.

Coordinating more than 900 academics and with over £200m invested in 250 open-access facilities, the Royce has the expertise and capability to contribute to a wide range of research and development.

The science program is aligned with the UK government's Industrial Strategy and is refreshed, to reflect evolving national priorities. The initial themes are coordinated through a stakeholder network of industrialists and academics.

The Department of Materials at the University of Oxford leads on the theme of electrochemical systems across the Royce. The Department of Materials is home to equipment and facilities funded or supported by the Royce, which are available for external research use, encompassing research in energy storage, micromechanics, quantum materials, and superconductors. Many of the advanced characterisation techniques are widely applicable to a range of industries.

Plasma FIB

Open, accessible, and collaborative

Materials facilities and research expertise at Royce partners are available to academia and industry. Capabilities included fabrication, testing, and characterisation of materials, components, and subsystems. All partners have technical and advisory staff to help you find the right contact or equipment.

The Royce can support individual research projects and works with other national institutes and manufacturing hubs. Royce partners can help with the development and delivery of program grants, European projects, and national challenge funding.

For the academic community

Royce's capabilities are open to all UK academics and research students, regardless of institution. Academic access to facilities can be made using a variety of funding sources, including equipment access budgets on research council grants. The Royce offers schemes to provide training and equipment access for researchers and research students.

For Industry

Supporting the government's Industrial Strategy through materials innovation, the Royce is open to businesses of all sizes, to help tackle materials challenges, exploit new opportunities, and accelerate research and innovation. From equipment access for commercially sensitive research to long-term partnerships, the Royce partners can work flexibly and support a range of approaches and needs. The Royce regularly awards grants for feasibility studies and proof-of-concept research. There is a dedicated access scheme for small- and medium-sized companies, spin-outs and startup companies.

How to get in touch

Please navigate these pages to find out more about the Royce-supported capabilities available at the University of Oxford. To enquire about access to equipment, please email royce.access@materials.ox.ac.uk

Royce partners are active in many areas of materials research, including biomaterials, circular economy, energy-efficient electronics, materials for demanding environments, and manufacturing innovation.

For more information on the capabilities across Royce partners, and more details of the activities of the Henry Royce Institute, please refer to the dedicated website at www.royce.ac.uk